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boarder (1:48:25 AM): so like, it just legitamately wouldnt work
boarder (1:48:51 AM): that and i have the sex
IndigoWindGodess (7:58:49 PM): Well... well.... I have ... the boobies! So there! I WIN! *victory dance* porchestorm4282 (7:59:46 PM): i have boobies too
coolen311 (11:39:21 PM): do u like to play with urself
kirafish7 (11:42:15 PM): yeah, man. I get my dollhouse down from the attic and I was all, "Psh, I was bored... and later that evening, I called Will and we talked until about one in the morning, just like "YAY SASUKE!! WOO I LOVE MY HAIR YAY!"
kirafish7 (6:17:13 pm): Sasuke goes �.� you can't leave me in hell
coolen311 (11:41:13 PM): do you suddenly hate Dean?
Deathxxxxx1 (11:11:12 pm): wtf? this poor kid is obviously not very bright
kirafish7 (6:15:45 pm): yeah, right, so then
kirafish7 (6:23:10 pm): all these POKEMON BURST OUT OF THE GAME!
kirafish7 (6:18:26 pm): they're all "WUT"
IndigoWindGodess (3:02:07 AM): did you know the cure for cancer and aids is gonna be something that people are like what the fuck???
Hiro Village (7:17:01 pm): I still don't get it
kirafish7 (11:07:41 PM): well, I was listening to DDR and I play and play... sometimes the dolls talk to me about all the dirtiest stuff I've ever heard
kirafish7 (11:20:22 pm): I hope nobody notices.


kirafish7 (11:35:59 pm): "drones, but at least they have emotions. there's anger and passion. I kinda like it. DLs... save for a few, they're bland. I'm not"
Deathxxxxx1 (11:37:14 pm): cas; we understandsa difference
Deathxxxxx1 (11:37:45 pm): i'ma spicay o.o
kirafish7 (11:37:55 pm): I'm hawt, I'm CAJUN xD